BLOG 3 Design Process



Here are some of our insights and behind the scenes images of our design and collaboration process to create our medical scrubs.


Our research and design phase was all about testing and experimenting with different fabrics, branding and various scrub styles.




For our branding we initially experimented with simple but also very loud branding on our garments. It’s important to test out all options but to also prototype them to see each one in 3d. Through our followers we received several comments about making the branding less direct which was important for medical attire.


By making these changes it’s important for the brand to build alongside this process. This gave us the time to play around with how we want the brand to be perceived but also how it will be placed within its competitive landscape.



Scrubs styles

Several insights from our research indicated that medical workers wanted both normal scrub styles that are updated by adding pockets and better materials and colours. But also different styles that have not been seen before like creating a round neck or polo. We wanted our polo to have a hidden zippers to decrease contamination but to make the polo look cleaner and therefore more formal.