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Mediform London, Insights


The journey of creating our scrubs was not done over night.


We have invested a lot of effort into our research to make sure we are listening to the common problems that are associated with wearing scrubs from the people who matter most – our customers.


Right from the start, we have used our Instagram presence to understand what our customers needs are and how we best serve them. We were overwhelmed by the response - a lot of people reaching out from nurses to surgeons, dentists, beauticians and students.


We wanted our customer to be part of both the research process but also help us make design decisions on the look, feel and function of the products.


It was clear from the beginning that the market for medical scrubs is outdated. Some of the initial insights that helped shape our product developments are as follows:


1) A common problem within UK hospitals is that the scrubs don’t have front pockets meaning some people wear the trousers the wrong way around to have the back pocket at the front. Also the drawstring does not get tighter until a certain point. Which means they always fall down especially when they are one size fits all scrubs.


2) Additionally, a lot of the time, hospitals only have unisex scrubs that are not fitted very well for either gender. We received several comments mentioning there was a need for better fitted scrubs especially where you don’t have to roll up the sleeves to make them fit better.


3) Another problem is the front pocket on scrubs - when carrying items such as a phone, it occasionally falls out when reaching for something else or bending down.

4) For a lot of customers, scrubs always ruin their make up!