BLOG 2 Mediform's Founders



Mediform London, The Story So Far…


The story of Mediform London starts with our two founders, Jake Hall and Dr Robbie Hughes.


Jake Hall, former football player and founder of fashion brand Prévu, started his foray into the fashion world with his take on the evolution of the tracksuit - a category he coined the ‘twin-set’. The twin-set, then a relatively unfamiliar term, is now recognised as a product category in its own right – an outfit that offers a clean, sharp aesthetic by pairing a matching top and trouser together.


This clean, minimalist style caught the eye of Dr. Robbie Hughes, an internationally-renowned cosmetic dentist, who wanted to emulate this for his staff uniforms at his uber-modern, revolutionary dental practice.


For Robbie, it was difficult to find modern, stylish medical scrubs that combine function with form. Robbie is a big advocate of the thought that empowering your staff to help them look and feel good automatically translates well towards a better patient experience.


This is where the idea for Mediform was born, and what underpins the ethos of the company.


To reinvent medical scrub styles by bringing together the fashion and medical world in a way that has not been seen before.


By bringing together the fashion expertise of Jake and the medical know how of Robbie, Mediform London is at the forefront of disrupting the medical scrubs market.